Monday, June 2, 2014

Anime Movies - The Garden of Words

This one actually managed to surprise me. It was relaxing and nice to watch. When I first saw the title I wasn't expecting the plot to be something like this. It felt like stolen moments in a secret place with the rain as cover from the rest of the world.
The animation was really good. Lots of details on everything and the character appearances were solid as well.
The story perfectly reflected the hopes and dreams of a high school boy. An unexpected friendship in an unexpected place on rainy days changed a few things for him. Seems like both of them were looking for something more from their everyday lives.
It's amazing how things that are seemingly not connected in any way end up being connected in the most unusual ways. People certainly can find love in the most unusual places and encounters.
The Garden of Words is a beautiful movie full of emotions, mysteries of love and undiscovered potential.
Don't miss this one, it's really good ^^

Takao Akizuki is a 15 year old student who lives with his melodramatic mother and adult older brother. He yearns to be a shoemaker, having being enraptured as a child by a pair gifted to his mother, though his immediate friends and family think little will come from his goal.
One morning commuting to school during the rainy season, Takao opts to skip his first class and head to the park to sketch shoe designs, and encounters Yukari Yukino, a well-dressed young woman drinking beer in the early morning drizzle. They do not speak to one another, but as the rain clears she notes the school crest on his vest and decides to bid him farewell with a tanka, leaving Takao puzzled as to its origin and meaning. The two continue to encounter each other in the park on rainy mornings and grow closer in each other's company, but never formally introduce themselves to one another. When Yukari expresses an interest in Takao's shoemaking, he decides to make a pair of shoes in her size. As her foot is being measured, Yukari admits that she needs to learn how to walk on her own, hinting at her deep personal troubles. The rainy season ends, and whilst Takao and Yukari tell themselves that it's better for the other to go back to their normal lives, both sincerely wish that it would rain so that they could meet again.
Returning to school after working for the entire summer break, Takao heads to morning class when he suddenly spots Yukari, who is greeted by a group of anxious and relieved students. Takao's friends inform him that her name is Miss Yukino, and that she has been absent from school due to stress and anxiety. Due to a male student developing a crush on her, Yukari found herself the target of rumours and bullying started by Aizawa, the student's girlfriend. Out of kindness and in a bid to avoid more confrontation, Yukari opted to avoid work and retreat to the park where she met Takao, hoping she would learn to overcome her loneliness, her fears and be able to 'walk' again. Angered by the cruelty shown to Yukari, Takao confronts Aizawa, who expresses that she is happy that 'Miss Yukino' is quitting teaching at the school and that she deserves the torments and rumours. In retaliation, Takao strikes her across the face, but is soon beaten by Aizawa's companions who mock him and accuse him of falling for Yukari.
Takao heads to the park and meets Yukari by the waterfront, where he greets her with the correct response to her tanka. She congratulates him for finding the answer and apologises as she believed that he would figure out that she was a literature teacher. Unfazed by her revelation, Takao and Yukari converse as normal, and as she expresses concern over his injuries, the two are disturbed by a loud clap of thunder, signifying the beginning of a rain storm. Finding themselves soaked, Takao heads to Yukari's apartment, and the two spend the afternoon bonding, realising that they both have never felt so happy before. Whilst having tea, Takao confesses to Yukari that he thinks he is falling in love with her. Blushing, Yukari corrects Takao and tells him to address her properly as Miss Yukino before informing him that she is moving back to her home town. Confused and hurt by her rejection, Takao abruptly leaves, leaving Yukari to cry alone and reflect upon their interactions.
Realising her mistake, Yukari runs after Takao and finds him in the stairwell outside the apartment block. Still reeling from Yukino's words and with tears welling in his eyes, Takao angrily tells her that he should never have opened up to her, and demands the she tell him that his dreams are worthless. Shouting that she'll live her life alone, Takao strikes home, and Yukari runs to throw her arms around him. The two weep openly as they embrace and Yukari cries that she was once so scared and that Takao saved her, as the rain clears and the sun shines through the clouds around them. The credits and epilogue show the two characters lives, apart from one another; Takao failed his final exams, but is still working at his part-time job and other goals, whilst Yukari is happy teaching at her new school. Takao visits the park again in the wintertime, reading a letter from Yukari, and reveals the completed shoes for Yukari. As she stops in class and looks out the window, seemingly thinking of him, Takao vows that one day, when he himself can walk greater distances, he'll come and find her.

Directed: Makoto Shinkai
Produced: Noritaka Kawaguchi
Screenplay: Makoto Shinkai
Music: Daisuke Kashiwa
Cinematography: Makoto Shinkai
Editing: Makoto Shinkai
Studio: CoMix Wave Films
Release date: May 31, 2013
Running time: 46 min
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

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