Saturday, May 3, 2014

Current anime episodes comments - Kamigami no Asobi, One Piece, Gokukoku no Brynhildr, Haikyuu!!, Yowamushi Pedal, Black Bullet, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuuden

Kamigami no Asobi

Episode 5

Takeru seems to be the odd one out this time.
He sure has a difficult personality.
Yui was having trouble with persuading him.
Going one on one with him was interesting to watch.
Guess everyone melts eventually...
Damn, that Zeus can really be a pain sometimes.
I'm glad the whole class decided to make a stand.

One Piece

Episode 643

Law got himself in a middle of serious trouble.
Issho, Law and Doflamingo, that's gonna be one hell of a fight.
Wish they would stop prolonging its start.
Seems like everyone was having problems of their own.
Luffy and the arena part was fun!
It looks like he wasn't even serious about it ^^
He was just having fun and enjoying himself.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr

Episode 5

This is slowly turning into a harem.
I just hope the story doesn't suffer because of it.
More info about Neko this time.
That's always nice!
Kotori, the spy, put up a pretty good act.
Wonder if she's just that good or just an airhead..
Well, at least the astronomy club did same actual club activities.
Kana's forecasts were rather weird this time.
AA+ type sure is scary and dangerous..


Episode 5

Tanaka & Hinata gloating was fun ^^
It was a good match.
So, finally, they made the team.
The typical cartoon sound at 10th minute was a nice surprise.
The upcoming practice match should be a blast.
Can't wait to see that!
Hinata sure was feeling the pressure..

Yowamushi Pedal

Episode 30

They're gonna have to spill a lot of sweat to make it work.
Another 2 on 2 race.
There's a lot at stake this time.
Flashbacks were interesting.
Another short background story about the riders.
This race was particularly exhausting.
Imaizumi practically died... but it was fun ^^
This race is intense beyond belief!
Can't wait to see who won.

Black Bullet

Episode 5

Rentaro & Enju doing some training.
That girl is impressive ^^
It was kinda weird seeing those two do a bodyguard job.
After all the craziness with Gastrea.
Guess people have their own level of crazy too.
Satomi seems to be collecting lolis LOL

Hunter x Hunter

Episode 128

We lost a great guy...
It's a shame for Netero.
Looks like some are lucky to get another chance at life.
Guess it's not that easy to get rid of the king.
There was a lot of weirdness in the first half.
He came back stronger and scarier.
Pouf sure came up with a devious plan fast.
Things should get really interesting from now on.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 361

I'm glad this is the last filler episode.
Even though this filler session wasn't that bad.
It was nice to see a lot of Kakashi.
This was a really nice story.
How Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura ended up with Kakshi as sensei.
Some of it was new and some was not.
From Kakashi's perspective, things looked slightly different.
Good ending of the fillers.

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