Saturday, June 8, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Karneval, Date A Live, Space Brothers


Episode 10

Nai and the rabbits' grooming were cute.
He's totally adorable and my fav character.
Probably because of his big red eyes.
The little incident with Kiri brought some action into this episode.
Well, at least Tsukumo and Yogi are fine.

Date A Live 

Episode 10

Shido's sister has some interesting powers.
Kotori vs Kurumi was really fun to watch.
Those girls were really hell bent to kill each other.
Shido - Kotori heart to heart was what I was waiting for.
Interesting. Didn't know humans could become spirits.
Origami was totally taking advantage of having Shido for herself ^^

Space Brothers

Episode 61

So Hibito is finally coming back.
Everyone was anxiously waiting for his return.
Whole episode was basically about that.
It was nice seeing Apo after a long while ^^

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