Saturday, June 22, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Date A Live, Space Brothers

Date A Live

Episode 12 Final

Fun times at the amusement park were nice.
Shido - Kotori heart to heart was kinda LOL
Especially when she read the situation wrong ^^"
Origami's attack was just a matter of time.
That girl really wanted revenge at any cost.
The ending kinda felt unfinished.
Guess 'cause the 2nd season is coming.

Space Brothers

Episode 63

Sharon seems to be having some medical problems.
Looks like Mutta and the others have to do a lot of studying.
At least Hibito had some free time to spend with her.
Flashback to her younger days was nice.
Mutta showing off his little brother was LOL
Serika was pretty perceptive about Sharon's condition.

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