Saturday, October 31, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Young Black Jack, Owari no Seraph 2, Haikyuu!! 2, One Piece, World Trigger, Diabolik Lovers More, Blood, Dance with Devils, Naruto Shippuuden

Young Black Jack

Episode 5

Damn... torture.
It was hard to watch at times.
Good thing their luck turned.
He had a chance to learn something new again.
Good episode.

Owari no Seraph 2

Episode 4

A sports car in a post apocalyptic world.
That sure was an interesting sight..
Yu is a brave one or just plain or stupid? or both..
Time to fight the vampires... not, just more practice.
Mikaela having more and more trouble with his hunger..

Haikyuu!! 2

Episode 5

Number 11 has good game.
Their whole team read Karasuno like a book.
Guess they'll have to change their play a bit.
Hinata - Kageyama relationship was put to the test.
They need to put in more practice & develop new moves.

One Piece

Episode 716

So the only thing that would get a reaction from her was his goofy attire.
It was sad watching everybody mock him.
His resolve sure was admirable.
Took him a while, but Franky finally won..
Kyros was determined, but seems he's out of his league this time.
Hope  Diamante gets exactly what he deserves!

World Trigger

Episode 52

Lilith sure was enjoying herself.
Xeno still as stubborn as ever..
He thinks like an engineer too much.
Shopping time was nice ^^
Shame it was all an illusion...
Looks like there is more to Lilith than meets the eye!

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood

Episode 5

Sadistical as usual..
Another brother's past comes into light.
Looks like all of them had dark pasts.
It makes it easier to understand their current behavior.

Dance with Devils

Episode 5

School just got interesting.
Student council members completely lost it.
Didn't think Nanashiro would go so far.
He actually showed her his true form!
That guy is just too full of himself.
Rem seems so much different from Nanashiro..
Ritsuka seems to be more & more torn between her brother & devils.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 436

Reading a good book on a rainy night..
The giant monster fish situation successfully dealt with.
Well, that cooperation with Akatsuki guys ended fast..
Some other truths came out though.
Solid episode.

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