Sunday, September 27, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - Charlotte, Durarara!!x2, Imawa no Kuni no Alice, Kiss x Sis, Gangsta., Noragami Aragoto, K: Return of Kings, Young Black Jack


Episode 13 Final

Looks like a lot changed since I last watched this.
Sipped a few episodes & now I'm pleasantly surprised.
This anime evolved quite a bit from the its beginning.
There was  quite a load on Yu's shoulders.
His abilities were impressive, but his mission was practically an impossible one.
Intense final episode. Nice ending.


Episode 12 Final

Keep on talking, keep on being shocked.
Just a bunch of weird characters doing their thing.
Mikado really changed.
Felt like Mikado & Kida switched places this season.
Ending in typical Durarara stye..

Imawa no Kuni no Alice


Another survival game.
Only 10 minutes of hell.
A deadly Hide & Seek..
Damn... such a cruel world..
Still wish this was a full blown anime!

Kiss x Sis

OVA 11

Poor Keita failed to pass his high school exam..
Boy was he shocked.
Keita sure isn't the smart one in the family.
In the end he got lucky and managed to enter as a replacement.

OVA 12 Final

Middle school is over.
Time to enjoy high school life.
His sisters got some competition LOL
Keita keeps being molested by girls or is it the other way around?
Fun OVAs indeed.


Episode 12 Final

Alex feeling alone again..
Nico, a substitute bodyguard.
Worick got himself into some trouble.
Kinda expected more from the final episode.
Didn't felt very final at all..
Hope this will get another season.

Noragami Aragoto

Episode 1

Yato, Yukine & Hiyori together again ^^
It's really nice to see them again.
And of course trouble followed...
Bishamon plagued by nightmares.. something is definitely off.
Who knew Bishamon had such a kind heart..
Nice first episode.

K: Return of Kings

Episode 1

Very nice animation.
Are they trying to turn K into an ecchi anime?
That much skin & boobs is not needed in this anime.
Except if they deseperately want to attract a different kind of audience..
Those JUNGLE guys will get the fight they wanted.
Still, it's all over the place.
Think I'm gonna skip this season.

Young Black Jack

Episode 1

Very dramatic start.
Hazama sure is a confident one.
A very talented doctor indeed.
This anime looks promising.
Think I'll be watching it.

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