Sunday, August 9, 2015

Current anime episodes comments - One Piece, World Trigger, Gangsta.

One Piece

Episode 704

Doflamingo found a way to lure Corazon back.
The truth about his ties to the Navy also came out..
Corazon sure is a kind hearted person.
Op-op fruit sounds like the only choice.
A cliffhanger ending..

World Trigger

Episode 41

Goal: A-Rank at any price
Yuma picked up a few tricks from Midorikawa.
Those commentators are starting to annoy me.
We don't get to see much of the action 'cause of them.
Well, at least Tamakoma won this one!


Episode 6

More bits and pieces of Nico's  & Worick's past.
He sure was born in the wrong family..
Nina sure is amazing for such a young girl.
Guess her surroundings forced her to excel.
Worick's dad was pretty horrible too.
I guess I understand a few things much better now.
Looks like Alex has problems of her own..

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