Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Music Time! - This weeks' Asian pop charts


1. NMB48: Durian Shounen
2. μ’s: Bokutachi Wa Hitotsu No Hikari
4. IDOLING!!!: Cheering You!!!
5. Fairies: Soushi Souai☆destination

7. Yumemiru Adolescence: Summer Nude Adolescence

11. Mitsuhiro Hidaka: Seaside Bound

12. Cheeky Parade: M.O.N.ST@R

17. SuG: teenAge Dream

23. Rei Yasuda: Tweedia


1. Girl's Day:Ring My Bell

2. Hyukoh: Comes And Goes
3. Girls' Generation: Party

4. Crush: Oasis Feat. ZICO

5. SISTAR: Shake It
19. Eluphant: SMSIM (feat. Soyu of Sistar)

21. Girls' Generation: Check

25. Mad Clown: Get Low With Jooheon


Nothing new this week.

1. Lala Hsu: Tu Ran Hao Xiang Ni
2. A Chord Hsieh: Love Doesn't..
3. G.E.M.: You're Not Truly Happy
4. Wanting Qu: Life Has A Kind Of...
5. Sandy Lam: Eternal Summer

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