Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Hakkeneden 2, Diabolik Lovers, Free, Naruto Shippuuden, Danganronpa

Hakkenden 2

Episode 12

Sousuke sure is in a bad shape.
It sucks that he's slowly losing to Ao.
The spirits overrun the city too.
Strange things have been happening..
Shino has become very persistent since Sousuke got worse.
Fight with Ao was nice and pretty intense.
It was cool seeing them use their powers.
Surprise, surprise the beads got used for evil.
Can't wait to see the final episode!

Diabolik Lovers 

Episode 2

Yui's life sure got turned upside down.
Ayato is very forceful and thinks he's the best.
He is getting on my nerves slightly..
All of the brothers are weird in their own way.


Episode 12 Final

Interesting how everyone was in a good mood except for Rin.
He was totally plagued by his past with Haru and others.
Rin finally managed to snap... not a surprise, was bound to happen.
That guy is such a moody character that can't seem to let go of the past.
Rin - Haru bromance reached it's peak in this episode.
In the end, Rin just needed his old friends back to swim with him.
All in all, a nice anime. Would like to see another season of this.

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 322

The war is still on.
This time we got to see interesting fights.
It's amazing how powerless shinobi are against the dead.
That especially refers to Madara kicking their asses.
A little piece of Ohnoki's history was interesting though.
Sasuke - Itachi unexpected heart-to-heart was kinda sad.


Episode 13 Final

Junko needs some serious help.
Things got messed up again.
That memory wipe made it harder for them to believe the truth.
Well, at least they finally found out the truth.
Final episode was good, but not impressive.

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