Saturday, August 10, 2013

Current anime episodes comments - Danganronpa, Space Brothers


Episode 6

Monokuma's incentive for the winner seems rather tempting.
The AI sure made things interesting.
Made everyone feel like their friends are still around.
Guess that's fine, but it also gave them a sense of false hope.
Like clockwork, every time someone gets killed.
The mysterious new attacker put everyone on edge.
I like it how unpredictable the killers are so far.

Space Brothers

Episode 69

Hibito mascot Hibbit is totally adorable ^^
Things are moving forward again.
Guess Mutta's is done with flying and is one step closer to his goal.
At least Murasaki was having fun ^^"
I was surprised by the fast forward feeling this episode gave off.
After the ultra slow pace this felt like warp 9.


  1. 6th episode was very interesting, thought the fat guy was gonna survive in the end

  2. It was unexpected to see 2 people die in one episode. Wonder if next time they're gonna off even more..